Tuesday, October 23, 2012

#791 the good news and the good news

So...I met with Dr. F today for the follow-up to the manipulation. I was a little concerned because I can't really get the knee to bend 120 degrees without warming it up, much less 125 degrees. While I was waiting for him to come into the exam room I was doing knee bends, and I had my strap, so I was doing heel slides and marching in place, doing just about anything I could to warm up my knee. My thought was that if he didn't like the bending, he would suggest another manipulation, and I really didn't want to do that.

The good news is that he was satisfied with the range of motion that he saw. He told me to keep working with the physical therapist and to keep trying to gain mobility both in bending and flexing, Our next appointment is in November, which will be the three month follow up. YAY!

The other good news is that he has cleared me to go back to work full time with no limitations! OK, well, there is one limitation: no high impact activity. That means I won't be able to jump up and down or run or Zumba, but I am all right with that. I miss Zumba, but I can survive. Every once in awhile, I may find myself doing a quick salsa step, a la Victor Cruz of the NY Giants, but I'll keep it simple.

I'm glad to be going back to work tomorrow and I'm glad that the doctor thinks my knee is doing well. Big relief!

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