Tuesday, November 20, 2012

#813 three month follow-up & Thanksgiving prep

Just a quick note tonight because MT was hogging the computer ;p

I met with Dr. F for my three month follow-up since my total joint replacement surgery. Everything is going great; the x-rays still look good and I feel wonderful! My left knee is giving me trouble some days. Dr. F says he will give me the injections until I'm ready to have the left knee replaced. I can go back to doing pretty much everything I did before the surgery.

We are heading to Idaho tomorrow to spend Thanksgiving with MT's family. We are bringing the turkey (Linda will cook it) and we are also bringing my version of Ruth's Chris sweet potato casserole. I only make it a couple of times a year, so MT and I are looking forward to it! I put it together tonight, so it's all ready to go.  I also made an appetizer dip from a recipe I saw on Pinterest. It has cream cheese, a hint of garlic, dried cranberries and fresh rosemary. I'll bring crackers to eat it with, so it will be creamy, savory, sweet and crunchy. Appetizer perfection. The flavor is very satisfying.

One more thing...happy post-birthday to my dear little sister. It was her birthday yesterday and I hope she had a truly wonderful day. She basically celebrated her birthday all weekend with lots of music and good friends, I'm sure :)

That's all I've got, kids, and now I'm going to bed. Really! I'm not even going to log-on to Facebook. Really.

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