Tuesday, September 17, 2013

#1014 a First World problem

We live in such a digital world.  I did not realize how dependent we are on our electronics until this weekend when we were having what I would describe as spotty internet connectivity. We've had the problem before, but I always was able to solve it by just shutting off the modem and rebooting it. No amount of rebooting would keep the connection steady this weekend. T was so pissed. He was doing some homework and had to just use his iPhone with 4G instead of WiFi. Our Twitter feed was much slower, too, so we had delayed reactions to Aaron Paul's live tweets during Breaking Bad.

These are truly First World problems, my friends.

Last night after work, I called the cable company about the service. Sometimes they can just send a signal to the device and spit-spot, you're fixed. Here's how my conversation with the Comcast lady went:

ME: Hi. I've got spotty internet service.

HER: Well, I see here that you've had your modem since 2006.

ME: Yeah, that sounds about right.

HER: You know, electronics wear out and there have been a lot of technological advances since then. You should probably just switch out your modem for a new one. I bet that will solve your problem. Just take the modem to your local Comcast office and we'll switch it out for you.

ME: Ok.

Today I went to Comcast and got the new modem. Got home, hooked it up and Bob's-your-uncle, we are back in the digital business!

Talk to you tomorrow...

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