Saturday, October 5, 2013

#1026 Saturday o'Fun

Most Saturday's are pretty quiet, but I've had stuff going on since this morning.

At 8:30, I had a guy come over to give me a quote on replacing some windows. There are two windows on the side of the house that have cracked/broken glass. Turns out, the window guy said I should just have the glass replaced rather than replacing the whole window. It should be about half as much money to replace the glass rather than the whole window. I will call a glass company and find out about that.

At 10:30, I took Osi to the vet. She just had her shots and a check-up. The vet and I spent some time talking about the seizures and trying to figure out what the right treatment is. It seems that Osi also has a little trouble with her shoulder. When the vet lifted the dog's left leg, it wouldn't raise up very far and Osi sort of fought against it. The other leg was able to be raised just fine. The vet thinks Osi might have a bit of arthritis in her shoulder. Also, Osi is overweight because of the medicine she is on, so the vet recommended that I increase her exercise by taking her out for walks every day. That won't hurt either of us. Maybe we can both lose a few pounds.

Around 12:00, T and I went to run a few errands. We went to the library, then to Walgreens to pick up some prescriptions, then to Target (we love Target) and then to Dunkin' Donuts. The DD is new in our neighborhood. It just opened on the first, and it was pretty busy. I don't think the donuts are very good. They seem kind of chewy to me. I like a light, fluffy donut. The frosting is good, though.

After all that, we came home for about an hour, then we were off again. I had to go pick up some rent money, then T and I went downtown to the Energy Solutions Arena to watch the Jazz intersquad scrimmage! YES! BASKETBALL!!

This was the first time we have gone to the scrimmage. I wasn't surprised to find that there were lots and lots of people there - way over 1,000. The lower bowl was pretty full. The Jazz have 20 players right now, and will cut down to 13 or 14 by opening night on the 30th. Expectations are not high for this year's team. Most of the guys who will make the team are in their fourth season or less. It's a rebuilding year. Even though we don't expect to win many games, it will be fun to see the kids play. I'm excited.

T and I spent time trying to figure out who will make the team and who will get cut. We will get to see a real, albeit preseason, game next weekend when the Jazz take on the Clippers next Saturday night. Can't wait!

Now I am just passing a little time waiting for my in-laws to get back from their trip to the East Coast. I will be picking them up at the airport. Their flight was delayed about an hour, so they are expected to arrive around 8:15. I don't know if they'll stay here tonight or just head home. Guess we'll find out soon.

I wanted to write last night, but I was so exhausted that I went to bed at 9:00. I'd stayed up late on Thursday night watching the Utah/UCLA game (Utes lost) and I worked a lot of hours this week and I was just trashed.

Hope you all had a great Saturday!

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