Saturday, November 16, 2013

#1050 the surprise party

Tonight the three of us attended a surprise party for my brother-in-law Kelly. He is turning 50 years old next week (11/22), and his wife organized a party for him at her sister's house.

We all gathered out in the shop. They had heaters around the room because it is COLD here in Pocatello this weekend. My sister-in-law has a big family and many of them were there and there were quite a few from Kelly's side of the family too. When Kelly and his wife walked in and we all yelled SURPRISE, you could see that Kelly was truly surprised. He walked around shaking hands with everyone and when he turned around and saw MT, he said, "Holy shit! My brother's even here!" It was awesome :)

We had a little food and some drinks, then Kelly was roasted by Vickie and by Lance, Denise's sister and brother. They were pretty dang funny. I thought Kelly was going to blow beer through his nose, he was laughing so hard.

In the small world category, when we arrived I was standing around chatting with some people when I looked over and saw a tiny woman who looked pretty familiar. I decided to go out on a limb and I approached her. "Are you Sue?" I said. She said yes, and then I told her my name and she just got a huge smile on her face. It was my friend Reggie's mom, Sue! Reggie was my roommate in college and I used to spend some time up at their house on weekends and in the summer.  Sue is divorced from Reggie's dad and is now married to Denise's uncle. I haven't seen Sue is probably 20 years.

She told me that she had been on the show "The Price is Right". She made it on stage with Drew and won the game she played. She didn't make it to the showcase round though. Fun, huh?!

It was a really good night. I am not much of a mingler; I prefer to be in smaller groups of people. I basically just sat down by T and then people came over to talk to me. MT is the opposite. He was totally working the room, talking with everyone he knew and meeting people he didn't know. That's just not comfortable to me. I had fun though and talked to all the people I knew.

My brother-in-law is a cool guy with lots of personality and plenty of friends who were happy to wish him well on his (pre) birthday.

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Kteach said...

Looks like a fun time :)
Was Kevin there too?