Wednesday, November 27, 2013

#1061 Happy Thanksgiving Eve

Thanksgiving Eve isn't a holiday, it's just the day before Thanksgiving. For us, it usually means driving to Idaho, which is what we did this afternoon.

It's been a long day because I went to work in the morning, then I left around 1:00. I picked up some sandwiches for me and the boys (T didn't have school today), then we packed up and hit the road. Traffic wasn't too bad until we got to the Willard area. There was an accident on the south-bound road, but our north-bound lanes were super slow due to rubber-necking. That's people slowing down to look at the accident, which really wasn't that exciting. It looked like a car had veered into another car and they both went off the road. It had traffic backed up for miles and miles. After that, though, it was smooth, dry, clear roads all the way to Poky.

Tonight we've been hanging out visiting with Jake and Linda. Well, I have been visiting. MT and T came downstairs to watch a movie. MT hasn't been feeling well, so he went to bed early. I've been sleeping in the guest room at home to avoid his germs, but I don't have that option here. I better take some preventative medicine. I don't want to be sick!

I made sweet potato casserole tonight, so all we have to do tomorrow is pop it in the oven. I'm trying to copy the link for the recipe, but it appears I don't have the right touch on my Chromebook mousepad thingee tonight. Anyway, the recipe is so easy to make and so decadently delicious, but I only make it twice a year at Thanksgiving and Christmas. It keeps it special, I guess.

Now it's a quarter of twelve.  I need to get to bed!

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