Friday, January 3, 2014

#1081 unravelling

At the end of last year - you know, a few days ago? - my sister sent me an email saying that she was going to do this and thought I might like to do it too.  I looked through the 25 page download and was sort of overwhelmed. I wrote back to Lizzie that the thoughts/questions looked too hard to answer. Then I looked at it again and I was sort of intrigued. It still looked hard, but more like a challenge. I usually spend a few hours thinking about the year that has passed and the year that is coming. I think about what was good and what was bad and what I'd like to do differently. The Unravelling project seemed like a good way to formalize that process and maybe, just maybe, I'd get a little something that I wasn't expecting out of the exercise.

I picked tonight to do it because MT isn't home (he's in Poky visiting with his brother Kevin). T is engaged in binge-watching a TV show that he chose (Community, although I think he's already seen all shows, all seasons), so he's not going to mess with me. I went up to my room, grabbed a Diet Coke, a bunch of pretty colored pens and the cute little blank journal that Lizzie gave me for Christmas and I started thinking and writing.

I've been at it for about two and a half hours and I just finished the Looking Back at 2013 part. Sheesh! I had issues! When I took the (quiet) time to think about the questions and let myself go, I had a lot on my mind. Some of it I knew would come out, but some of it has been a little surprising.

Since I'm doing the exercise old-school style by hand with pens and real paper instead of on my computer, I have a little writer's cramp. :) Needed to take a little break before I tackle the next part.

OK. I'm going back to it. Wish me luck. 

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Kteach said...

You and Lizzie are good at lists. Good luck with your unravelings!