Friday, March 28, 2014

#1148 the learner's permit

T can now officially get behind the wheel of a car ("if the applicant's parent or legal guardian is a licensed driver and is occupying the seat beside the applicant"). This morning we went to the Dept. of Public Safety, Driver's License Division office and took care of business. He said it took him a couple of tries on the test, but he passed and now he has the permit.

Tonight we went for a drive through our neighborhood. It was the first time he has been on the road with me. We have driven in the parking lot at the school before, but it's different being on the road, I think. We weren't out in live traffic: he just stayed in our little subdivision. There weren't a lot of other moving cars, but there were lots of parked cars and kids playing in the street. He did all right for it being the first time.

He will be taking driver's training through the school in June. I am glad that a qualified teacher will be instructing him. I will be glad to ride along with T to give him pointers in the meantime, but it will be better when he gets hands-on formal training.

I know that driving is the next logical and chronological step in his maturation, but it freaks me out just a little bit. Did my parents feel like this when I learned to drive?

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Kteach said...

I agree that is good he takes the driving instruction. I know when you and Lizzie learned how to drive it was a somewhat scary time, but I was not freaked out, I think I worry more about Tristan because I am not there and boys are different than girls I guess drivingwise.
It's called growing up I guess :)