Friday, November 27, 2015

#1558 family movie night: Creed

We are back home in SLC after a short but pleasant stay in Pocatello for Thanksgiving. Before we left Poky today, we met my BFF LA for lunch at a sushi place. LA recommended the seafood bisque and it was very tasty. It was nice to spend a little time chatting with her.

The drive back to Utah was WAY better than the drive to Idaho. The roads were clear and dry and we made good time.

We decided to go see a movie tonight and all of us were interested in seeing Creed. It's the seventh Rocky movie, but it wasn't really about Rocky, although he is in the film, of course. This movie is about Adonis (Donnie) Creed, played by Michael B. Jordan. He wants to be a boxer, so he moves from Los Angeles to Philadelphia and convinces Rocky to be his trainer. Their relationship is wonderfully sweet, something I didn't expect, but probably should have. The training scenes are very good and the boxing scenes are spectacular. The first major fight scene is incredible in that it's all filmed in one take.

Michael B. Jordan was fantastic as Donnie. The actress who plays his love interest, Tessa Thompson, is very pretty. I liked the way Donnie and Bianca talked to each other. Good dialogue. I really liked Sylvester Stallone. He is getting older and he played an aging man. He was still Rocky, but older and real. We all really liked the movie.

It makes me want to watch the first Rocky movie again. I'm certain that T has it in his video library; maybe we'll watch it tomorrow.

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