Thursday, May 12, 2016

#1668 throwback Thursday: prom night

My throwback Thursday photo goes back over 30 years to my senior prom. I went to the dance with a dude I'd been going out with for a few months. I'm pretty sure his first name was Alan, but I'm drawing a total blank on the last name. He was already out of high school, and I don't think he was all that excited about taking me to the prom, but he did anyway. When he brought me home that night, he broke up with me. I really don't remember much about the dance except that we were there and I had a pink dress. My mom took this photo. Is it before or after the dance? I don't know but my expression pretty much sums up the whole night.

In contrast, my son T went to his senior prom last Saturday. He and his date were beautiful and happy to go.

Not only did they look great, but they had a great time, too :)

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Kteach said...

You looked beautiful, he was a jerk. End of story :)