Monday, May 23, 2016

#1679 simple pleasure Monday: a clean house

I am very pleased with my simple pleasure today. It's indulgent and kind of expensive, but on occasion, you've got to treat yo'self.

T graduates from high school on Friday. My family gets here on Wednesday; MT's folks will be here on Thursday. What do you do when you are going to have company? You clean your house. OR you hire a nice cleaning service to come in and clean it for you. That's what I did and I am dang happy about it.

Four or five ladies from Daisy Maids came over and in an hour my house was CLEAN. It smelled nice. The toilet paper was folded into a little point. The beds were made up with fresh clean sheets. The floors sparkled. The stairs were vacuumed. That floor area behind the toilets was all clean. The burner wells on the stove are spotless. It's magical.

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