Thursday, July 7, 2016

#1708 throwback Thursday: a walk in the mountains

July 2010

Hi! I had fun picking out this week's photo. I remember the excursion, but I'd forgotten about the photos.

The photo above was taken about this time six years ago, on July 10, 2010 to be exact. MT and I decided it would be fun to take a walk up in the mountains. I have never been very good at walking on uneven terrain, but I had lost weight and I was considerably thinner and in better shape than I am now or had been for a long time, so we went on an easy walk. (Notice I don't call it a hike. I think that's giving what we did too much credit.)

If I remember right, we went up to the village of Alta just past the ski resort of the same name. MT knew about a trail that lead to a lake, so that's where we went. There were a couple of streams that we had to cross and even a little snow, as evidenced above with my somewhat Captain Morgan-ish stance. I think I was just wearing some sneakers and my feet got a little wet. I do remember that when we got back into town we went straight to REI where I got myself a pair of Keens.  (I really like the Keen sandals! I wear them a lot on the weekends.)

There's one more thing that I remember about this walk in the woods. I was anxious to get home in time to watch Spain play in the World Cup. I was just thinking about it as I was writing and I Googled it to verify the timing. I was right! Check it out here.

Good times!

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