Wednesday, September 14, 2016

#1757 oh my aching jaw

I had a nice long session with my dentist this afternoon. Honestly, with so many advancements in medicine you would think there would be a way to work on a person's teeth without it being so awful. I don't even know what I had done. I think there was a filling, I'm pretty sure there is a crown and something called sealants. I think the sealants are everywhere, but the majority of the big work was done on the left side of my mouth. There were two numbing shots, which have finally worn off thankfully, but now my jaw just aches.

The worst part was at the beginning. There was a regular x-ray which was fine, but then there was a more invasive x-ray that involved some horrible plastic thing that held down my tongue and I felt like I was suffocating. It was no damn good. I sort of freaked out. That's when I asked for and received the happy gas. I was a very good patient after that. Between the gas and listening to/watching a Harry Potter movie, I was fine.

Now I just feel like I've been in a fight or something. My jaw aches, my head is throbbing and I am hungry. I ate a flour tortilla, because it is soft, but it hurts to chew. :( I guess I'll just go to bed and hope everything is better in the morning.

My mom and my sister have both written today about the trip to Barcelona, so I'm going to read their posts. You can check them out by clicking the links to their blogs on the left side of the page there. Mom's blog is called A Kinder World and Lizzie's is called Meeting Grace.


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