Saturday, September 24, 2016

#1767 but it tasted so good

Have you ever eaten so much that you just feel full and gross? Have you ever eaten just because it was there and tasted good, even if you weren't hungry? Have you ever taken a big ol' bite of food that was so hot you burned your tongue and suffered for hours afterward? I know all seven of you and I know you would never be such piggies. But I am. At least I was tonight. I try not to be such a piggie in general, but tonight I had no restraint.

This morning it was very cold and wet here. It felt like a day to stay at home and cook and putter around the house. I went to the grocery store this morning armed with a shopping list I made last night while watching the Utah football game - by the way an awesome win for the Utes over USC!

While I was at the store, I bought myself a gift: a new, shiny, advanced slow-cooker. My old slow cooker was fine, but it only cooked on low or high. On this new one, I can choose the time and it will automatically turn itself to warm mode when the time is done. I was planning to use my slow cooker today anyway to make steak soup. A couple of things: this is an extremely easy and tasty recipe. Also, I used the Cutco knife that I bought from T, and it sliced through the roast like the meat was butter. I was pretty pleased with it all.

My soup didn't turn out very soupy. Once I added the noodles, the pasta soaked up a lot of the liquid, as pasta is wont to do. The flavor was quite excellent, hence the two helpings, hence the extremely full feeling I am experiencing right now, and it's been nearly three hours since I ate. Dang. I hate that about myself. And yes, at one point I scooped up a big spoonful of noodle and meat and put it in my mouth and burned the snot right out of my tongue. Ouch.

One thing that I was proud of though...when I unpacked my new crock pot, I immediately put the old one in my car to take to Goodwill. :)

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