Thursday, December 8, 2016

#1807 and then she said...

One of the ladies (B) at work is pregnant. She's pretty young, just 21 I think and recently married over the summer.  At lunch today she was talking about being excited to learn the sex of her baby in a few weeks.

Me: Why does everyone want to know the sex of their baby? Wouldn't it be more fun to be surprised?

B: No, I can't wait to find out. When you were pregnant, you just couldn't find out the gender right? They weren't able to do that then?

I had no words. I just stared at her while Kelsie and Nicole choked on their iced tea.

Me (finally): was only 18 years ago. The technology existed.

Kelsie: Sandy CHOSE not to find out the gender of her baby. She COULD have found out, but she CHOSE not to.

B: Well, I didn't know! I mean, you are old enough to be my mother!

Me: Oh God. I KNOW.

B: I'm just going to stop talking now.



Kteach said...

I remember when i was teaching sometimes the kids called me mom or mama, I didn't mind because they were so much younger it made me feel good. One time one kid called me grandma and I was all like no way! , even though the grandma was much younger than me :)

Anonymous said...

Still makes me laugh!

Lizzie Wann said...