Tuesday, June 20, 2017

#1891 doors in Savannah

When Lizzie and I were in Savannah, GA last month, I took a lot of photos. One of my favorite photo subjects was doors, and gates, too. I recognized it at the time, and I definitely see it as I look back through all the pics.

I remember that I mentioned to Lizzie that I felt sort of a fascination with doors and she responded with something about "doors of opportunity". I liked her comment then, and I like it still, especially as I find myself still thinking through my mid-life crisis or whatever is going through my head right now.

So without further ado, here are some photos of doors in Savannah.

This is the front door of our AirBnB rental on E. Hall St.

Not a full-on door shot, but this is the Sorrell Weed House.

A house on Jones Street

The Cotton Exchange

This is the door where Lizzie made her comment about opportunity

Another house on Jones St.

I don't remember the street, I just like the red door

Everything about this door/entry
So simple

Hamilton-Turner House

I took a lot of door pics in Charleston, too. I want to share those with you, too. I'll probably wait a day or two. You might think I'm crazy with all the doors!

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Nin Pujol said...

I have a thing about doors and windows as well :)
I have a folder in my hard drive named Doors and Windows, and in my Pinterest I have a board called...Windows and Doors.