Thursday, June 22, 2017

#1893 live streaming

Through the wonders of the internet, I am watching Ryan Adams perform his show live from Canada right this very minute via Instagram! He live-streamed his show from Salt Lake City, too, but I was there, so I didn't have to watch Instagram.

Tonight I just happened to be looking at my phone when an alert popped up that @misterryanadams was live. The first few minutes showed him in the green room warming up, then they all walked on stage. At first he put his camera behind him on the stage, so I couldn't hear him sing, but I could hear all the instruments. Then I took a shower, so I turned it off, but when I got out of the shower, he was still on and now he has moved the camera to the side so I can see and hear him.

Except right now when he is up on the mic at the center of the stage and he is acoustic. Can't see him, but he sounds great. He is singing "Doomsday" and playing the harmonica and his guitar.

OOH! "When the Stars Go Blue" <3 p="">
I'll stop writing now and watch. My running commentary can't be very fun for you, but this is pretty cool for me!

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