Saturday, August 4, 2012

#742 Michael Phelps is a swimming god

We just finished watching today's prime-time coverage of the Olympics which included the final race of Michael Phelps' career (he says.) It's been so great to watch Phelps' Olympic career, starting in Athens, then the amazing eight gold medal meet in Beijing and ending this week in London. 22 medals - 18 gold. That is incredible. He's just dominant. Will we ever see another Olympian like him?

Of course, in swimming, there are many opportunities to medal because there are so many races; there are the four different strokes, all the different race lengths and the relays. Still, you have to be a damn good swimmer to be able to compete in a bunch of different races and Michael Phelps is a damn good swimmer.

One of the reasons I enjoy watching sports is because I enjoy seeing greatness. I like to see a team come together to win a championship. I like to watch an individual find it in themselves to achieve the pinnacle of success. I have loved watching Michael Phelps swim over the past three Olympics. His dedication to his training and his desire to be the best are inspiring. In the years to come, when we watch the Olympics and the commentators talk about Michael Phelps, I'll be happy to know that I had the opportunity to watch that guy dominate his sport.

Well done, Michael!

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