Tuesday, September 4, 2012

#756 a big day

Today was a big day. For one thing, it was the first day I've been by myself since the surgery. It is also the first time I have driven a car in three weeks. Finally, I woke up early today and didn't nap and was busy all day long.

I got up at 6 AM and did my PT routine which is about ten minutes on my stationary bike plus another 20 to 30 minutes of stretching and strength training exercises on the right knee. I took T to school. I turned on my work computer and actually did a few things for work. I iced my knee. I went to the clinic for a blood test for the blood thinning medication. I made a deposit at the bank. I repeated my PT routine from the morning. I iced my knee. I made croquetas for dinner. I went to my PT appointment where I got more exercises and stretches to do. (My appointment lasted 90 minutes. My knee is sore!) I came home, ate dinner, iced the knee and watched Michelle Obama's speech at the DNC. (She's a rock star!) I did a little more work for work, then T and I participated in MT's work football pool. Now it's 11 and I'm beat. I just took a couple of pain pills (my pain level is currently around a 5.5 to 6) and I'm ready for bed.

Tomorrow will be busy too, but I will take it easy in the afternoon.

The First Lady looked fantastic. Her arms and shoulders are gorgeous! And I liked her speech, too. MOM - no mean comments about MO; I will delete them. I do not want to make this a political forum. I'm just saying that Michelle was great tonight.

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