Wednesday, September 5, 2012

#757 doing the heel prop and making wishes come true

I think I over-did it yesterday. I've been pretty much worthless today. Most of the afternoon, I was sitting still with ice on my knee, watching tennis. Later, I was laying on my bed doing the "heel prop" and watching football. How do you learn to pace yourself? I'd like to work on that.

But first, I must explain the heel prop. It may be my least favorite of the stretches, and therefore, of course, the most beneficial. It's very important that my knee be able to be completely flat when the leg is stretched out straight. Currently, I have about a four degree bend in it and the goal is to make it zero degrees (that would be completely flat.) In order to achieve this goal, I do the heel prop. I put something - a folded pillow, a rolled up yoga mat, a rolled up beach towel - under my right heel, then gravity takes over and pulls the knee down. It's like trying to hyper-extend the knee to get it to zero. I'm supposed to hold the position for five to eight minutes. I can barely make it through two minutes right now. The position becomes extremely uncomfortable and I squirm around and whimper a little bit. Then I pull myself together and try again.

Enough about me...let's talk about T! MT and I made his wish come true today. T told me last night that all he wanted on Wednesday was to get NetFlix and to have Panda Express for dinner. We made that wish a reality. I signed up for NetFlix and the kid is on cloud nine. I don't get it. He rarely watches TV, but now he wants NetFlix to watch old TV shows. There are many Nickelodeon shows available and he squealed with delight as he found them. "I'm reliving my childhood!" he exclaimed happily.

NetFlix and orange chicken. Simple pleasures are the best.

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