Sunday, September 16, 2012

#768 breakfast at Dee's

About 17 years ago or so, before we moved to SLC, MT worked here on a big construction project south of Salt Lake City. We didn't have a lot of money, and MT stayed at a crappy little motel up in the Sugarhouse area. One place that he ate at often was a diner called Dee's Family Restaurant. At the time, there were many, many Dee's restaurants around the valley. I remember coming down to visit him from Idaho and we almost always went to Dee's. MT really liked their pancakes, but they have a big menu and most of the food is decent.

After I got my job and we moved here permanently, we continued to eat at Dee's at least weekly. In fact, I remember that we had Dee's for dinner the night before I gave birth to T. Over the years, though, we haven't gone to Dee's very often. I can't really remember the last time we ate there.

Lately MT has been talking about eating at Dee's. There's a restaurant over by our rental properties, and every time we pass by it, MT says, "Oh look! There's Dee's. Remember when we went there a lot? Want to go there?" This comment is said at least weekly.

This morning, MT and I both got up early and I said that I wished we had some sausage because I wanted sausage and pancakes. MT said, "Let's go to Dee's! They have good pancakes!" He was half-joking but was totally happy when I agreed to go.

And guess what? It was delicious!

I had two eggs over medium with sausage patties, hash browns and pancakes. MT had the Spanish omelet, hash browns and pancakes. We also had a little gravy on our hash browns. YUM!!

We were happily eating and chatting and the waitress kept coming over to check on us. It was early in the morning - around 8:00 - and the restaurant wasn't busy and it was pretty plain that the server really wanted to chat with us. So we chatted. She told us all about her boyfriend's parents condo in Cabo and how they went there every year and fished for dorado. She also told us about their yearly trip to Canada where they fished for salmon and halibut. I'm not a big fishing person, but her stories were pretty interesting. She even brought over her camera to show us photos!

It was a fun and filling way to start our day. We didn't even have to mess around with lunch; we had dinner a little early and we were perfectly fine. Except for T because he sleeps in and didn't make it to breakfast. He had to scavenge today, but everything worked out well.

Hope you had a great weekend!

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