Sunday, September 16, 2012

#767 Utes win!

Tonight was the big rivalry game in our state: the University of Utah against Brigham Young University. Since Utah joined the PAC 12 last season, this is the last game in our "Holy War" for at least a year or two.

I'm happy and relieved to say the Utah won the game tonight, 24 - 21, but it wasn't without the drama that typically goes along with these close games. I swear that the refs did everything they could in the last ten - heck, the last second - to let BYU have a chance to score. There was a pass that was batted down and it looked like the game was over, but no. There was one second left on the clock and some kind of penalty, so BYU got the ball five yards closer, now within field goal range with one second left on the clock.

The field goal attempt is blocked, but a BYU player got the ball and started to run. Ute fans poured onto the field as time expired. Remember? One second? But no, it was a live ball, so there was a penalty against Utah for allowing fans and players on the field while the ball was still live. Move the ball even closer to the goal for BYU and let them have another chance to tie the game with a field goal.

The BYU kicker lines up, kicks the ball. It drifts and drifts and hits the left goal post and bounces out. BYU still doesn't win and finally, the game is over and Utah wins.

I'm left feeling a little irritated and stressed out, but happy that the Utes won!

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