Tuesday, October 2, 2012

#783 lots of stuff happened yesterday

Happy Q4, friends! Q4 stands for fourth quarter, the jolliest three months of the year. One of my co-workers really loves everything about October, November and December, so I have made it a habit to wish him a happy fourth quarter every year. What's not to like about these last three months? It's a fun time. The weather changes from hot to cool to cold, the leaves fall off the trees, you get to wear your sweaters that you were starting to hate by April but now they'll be great again. Boots. You can wear boots!

Yesterday was a big day for our family. First, I went back to work. I'm only four hours a day for a couple of weeks until I see the surgeon again next Tuesday. It was kind of strange to be back in the office, but I'm sure it will all come back to me pretty quickly.

MT put an offer on a duplex and it was accepted, so we are now under contract for that house. MT is very excited. His real estate empire is growing! He thinks this property has very good cash flow potential and yes, just about every part of it needs to be fixed up, but he likes that kind of thing A LOT. I know where the property is - we drove by it, but I haven't been inside it. The price is good and if the interest rate remains good, we should be ok.  

The last thing of note is that yesterday I was reminded about how wonderful it feels to do something for your child that makes him smile and think you are the best parent ever. T really likes the band Green Day and he was talking the other night about how much he would like to see them in concert. He even went online to see if the band was going to have any shows nearby. He found they will be in Las Vegas on February 8. MT and I talked about it and we decided it would be a pretty fun concert to go to, so we bought the tickets.

When I picked T up from school, I solemnly told him he would have to miss a day of school. When he asked the date, I told him February 8 and he got the biggest, most beautiful, happiest smile on his face! He pumped his fist and stomped his foot and shouted "YES!" and gave me a high five and I think I would have gotten a hug if we hadn't been driving.

I'm pretty sure we'll be listening to a lot of Green Day for the next four months :)

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