Friday, October 19, 2012

#789 post-manip day 4

I have been diligently working on my right knee's range of motion this week. It takes time and effort, and yes, there is a little bit of pain involved. Scar tissue forms really quickly - that's what I have learned this week. To keep it pliable so the knee can bend at the levels that are needed takes time and willpower.

It seems to be paying off, though. Tonight at physical therapy, my cold measurement was 116 degrees, which was up from Wednesday. My warm measurement was 125. I was completely thrilled!

The post-manip follow-up appointment with Dr. F is Tuesday morning. Dr. F will be looking for a cold measurement of around 120. What if that doesn't happen? It may be that a second manipulation would be advised. I'm pretty sure a second manipulation wouldn't be as kind as this first one has been, so I will work hard over the weekend to get to 120. The good thing is that my cold measurements have been increasing over the week, so my physical therapists and I feel pretty confident that everything will be ok. Even so, I scheduled another PT session with Lance on Monday morning, and if they were open early on Tuesday, I'd go in before I went to see Dr. F!

There have been other things going on in our lives than just my knee situation. MT, an avid real estate investor, has a property under contract and we are/were looking forward to closing on it around the end of the month. Unfortunately, we received an email from the lender that said the property was illegally zoned (the second time we've had a similar situation in the Magna township) and MT is worried that the deal may fall through. Our realtor, Bruce, says he thinks he can get it straightened out and everything will be fine. We'll see what happens.

T is still doing well at school. I'm really looking forward to Wednesday night when he will have his first performance with the school's show choir. They will be performing "Thriller" complete with make-up and choreography. I will get there early and try to get a seat close to the stage so I can record the performance with my beloved iPhone.

I've learned something about myself over the past couple of months. I can't multi-task. I am so wrapped up in my knee rehabilitation that I can't seem to focus on eating well or keeping track of what I'm eating or follow the WW plan. It should be easy, and I have tried but I can't seem to do those two things at the same time. It makes me feel bad, but I guess if I have to choose right now, I'll take fixing the knee. I am trying to be good and not eat too much crap, though. It would be better if I kept track. Get back to basics. Take it one day at a time.

That's all I've got for tonight! Be safe, be good, be kind :)

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