Friday, November 16, 2012

#809 good thing this happened on the last day

A strange and disturbing thing happened to me in the hotel this morning. When I tried to flush the toilet this morning, the flusher wouldn't push down. I was worried and a little panicky, but I kept my head. I took the cover off the tank and saw that the little connector piece between the flusher and the thing that opens to let water into the tank was broken. I bravely reached in and pulled up the opener part and the toilet flushed just fine. I made a mental note to tell the folks at the front desk about it when I checked out.

Then I showered and got dressed and packed my suitcase and listened to music and drank some chocolate milk and a bottle of water.

Guess what? I had to go potty before I left.

I must have forgotten about the flusher, because I pushed down on the flusher.

It fell right off the toilet.

OOPS! I flushed the way I had before and quickly left before anything else fell apart.

I should have brought that flusher down with me to checkout, but I left it there on the back of the toilet. I did tell them about it at the front desk.

Can you believe that?!

If this had to happen, I'm glad it happened when I was leaving.

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