Saturday, November 17, 2012

#810 a day with Baby Niki

T is taking a class at school called "Teen Living." One of the assignments is for the students to take care of a "baby" for 23 hours. The baby is actually a doll. I had to sign a permission slip for the assignment; the doll is pretty expensive, so I had to sign off that we would be responsible for any damages.

When I got home last night, T was playing Daddy to Baby Niki. The baby was laying on the ottoman, sleeping, I guess, because it wasn't making any noise. Every once in awhile, it would sort of whimper, and when it did, T waved his wrist over the doll. What was happening is that there is some sort of electronic transmitter on a bracelet that T had to wear that would make a chime noise to indicate that he was taking care of the baby.  All he had to do was "feed" it by holding a bottle to it's mouth for about ten minutes, change the diaper, or just rock it until it stopped crying. It would make sort of a happy baby sound and that told T that he could relax. Then it would sleep for a few hours.

At one point last night while we were watching TV, the baby started crying and T had to go to the bathroom. I said I would hold the baby for him. Oh my God. That thing was LOUD! I think it actually got louder when I was holding it. It must have had something to do with the electronic bracelet. It seemed to cry the loudest when T wasn't right by it.

The baby woke up a couple of times during the night and T had to get up and take care of it. Early this morning, he was just about sick of the experiment and went downstairs with the baby. When he came back alone, MT asked where "the kid" was. T said he had left Baby Niki in the basement (with a blanket) but he was tired and wanted to sleep. I told him he had to go get the baby and take care of it. He groaned, but he did it. I didn't hear anything out of them for awhile, so I checked on them. T had Baby Niki in bed with him.

The 23 hours ended around noon today. Baby Niki did not go quietly, though. She woke up and wailed for the last five minutes of her time with us. T tried feeding her, rocking her and changing her diaper. Finally, she gurgled the happy baby noise and a few minutes later, T got a text that his time with her was complete. What a relief for all of us!

T changes Baby Niki's diaper in an attempt to stop her crying.

Thank you, MJHS, for this valuable lesson in the importance of birth control! I will remind T of this experience in the future I am sure!

In other T news, I am so proud to say that one of his teachers nominated T to attend a People to People Leadership Conference. We received the formal invitation today. There are several programs to choose from, and several really cool American universities that host the conferences. T and one of his good friends were nominated by their math teacher, so T wants to talk to his friend to see if he thinks he might attend. I'm not sure if T would still like to go if his friend, Eric, doesn't go, but MT and I think it would be a pretty cool thing for T to do. It's quite expensive, but what an amazing experience and I would think that it is a very nice item for a college application. Anyway, I'm sure you'll be hearing more about this in the coming months. Whether he decides to attend or not, I think that being one of two students in his class that was nominated to go is very special.

T is a great kid :)


Kteach said...

I don't think he's ready to be a daddy :)
Great news about being chosen , quite an accomplishment!

emtes said...

What great way to teach birth control ;-) That is a great way to show them what responsibility a baby is and maybe it can make them think twice. Something for Swedish schools to take after I think.
And what a talanted boy you have! All through his school years he has been in front and achieving great grades and now to have been chosen for this. You must be so proud.
Give him a hug from me.
Love you <3