Sunday, November 18, 2012

#811 second thoughts

After I wrote about T's People to People thing last night, I looked around on the internet for more information. What I read about the program made me feel less excited about the opportunity. It seems like programs like this are totally aiming for parents like me who think their child is just about the most amazing person in the world and would shell out all kinds of money to give their kid an interesting, potentially educational experience. There were some message boards that talked about how the program was basically a travel agent for teenagers, and an expensive one at that. Some people said their kids had a good experience, some said the experience wasn't very good. Some said it wasn't an honor at all, that even a parent could nominate their child to go, as long as you could pay for it,  People to People would take you where you wanted to go.

T is going to talk to the teacher who nominated him about the program, and to his friend Eric who was also nominated, then we'll make a decision. Right now, though, we are leaning toward passing on this one. We'll see...

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Kteach said...

I checked the internet too and I agree with you, but still it's a honor to be chosen. When you girls were in school both of you were chosen by your teachers to be in some kind of a book of excellent students but we had to pay a bunch to get your name in the book and then we had to buy the books which were very expensive. It's not the same, but it's a money maker for the companies.