Tuesday, January 15, 2013

#847 comfort food - chili mac

I think I may have mentioned before that when the weather is cold, comfort food is needed. I was thinking about what would be good, and I decided chili mac would fit the bill. What is chili mac, you ask? If you don't know, I'll tell you. It's chili with elbow macaroni mixed in. I made some tonight using this recipe that I saw on Pinterest.

This recipe worked well for a week-night meal because a) it was quick to make, b) it was really tasty and c) there are plenty of leftovers so I can have it for lunch this week and it will be a good scavenger night meal. I'm not sure if T liked it; he ate most of it but it could have been because he was really hungry. He ate most of it, but left some of the chili mixture because there were black beans in it. I wonder if he would have known there were beans in it if I had used the red beans? MT said if I make it again, I should add corn - he thinks everything is better with corn - and more onion.

I sprinkled a little of the best hot sauce in the world, Marie Sharp's, on my serving and it totally rocked. I'm excited for lunch tomorrow. :)

You are probably wondering about T and the school musical. I'm happy to say that he got exactly what he wanted: a non-speaking part and a gig in the chorus! The musical is Disney's Aladdin Jr. and the performances will be March 19, 20 and 21. I'm not sure how the play practices and the wrestling practices will work out; I guess we'll see. I'm glad for him to be in the musical. I hope that he has a really fun time. A couple of his friends that I know have parts too. Trent is Aladdin and Ben is Jafar.

That's all I have for tonight. It's around 9:30 and I have a choice to make: should I go on FB and play for 30 minutes, or should I just crawl in bed and read for awhile? I think I might have to play...

Good night!

PS - I just saw my mom's comment from yesterday's post. She wanted to know if the LDS president was in the suite. He was not in Granite's suite. He was in a suite near ours. It might have been the Huntsman suite.  And an extra note about the boy and the prophet: the kid was standing outside the suite the president was in so when the game was over and Monson was walking out, he saw the boy. A person on the scene told me that Monson smiled at the kid and ruffled his hair, then began to walk away. After a few steps, though, he turned around and gave the kid a hug and asked the mom if she wanted to take their picture. I thought that was great. I know it really meant a lot to the kid and his parents. Nice going President Monson!

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