Tuesday, October 8, 2013

#1028 why October is the best sports month

I was listening to a local sports radio show this afternoon and the sports guy said something that I totally agree with: October is the best sports month of the year. I'll tell you why.

1. Major League Baseball playoffs. After a long 182 game season, ten teams are left standing for the baseball post-season. Yesterday was heavenly for me. There were four playoff games, and I listened to three of them on my beloved iPhone while I was working, and watched the fourth when I got home. I really like to listen to baseball games on the radio; I'm not sure why or if I can pinpoint what I like about it, I just like it a lot. For anyone who says that baseball isn't very popular, take a look at the crowds in Pittsburgh yesterday, or the crowd in Detroit today. Mayhem!

2. National Football League. We are now entering the sixth week of the 16 week season.  Teams are settling into who they are and players are getting into their grooves. This year there are still three teams that are undefeated and at least two teams that haven't won a game at all. There are teams that are underachieving (Atlanta, Houston) and teams that are overachieving (Kansas City, NY Jets). It's just fun to watch.

3. College football. The teams are now playing games within their conferences and we are already thinking about qualifying for bowl games and Heisman trophy candidates.

4. National Basketball Association. The preseason has begun! Tonight T and I watched the Jazz play a preseason game (on TV) against the Golden State Warriors. It just felt like everything was right with the world to see the Jazz back on the court, even though we only recognized a handful of the players (lot of new guys this year).

At the end of the month, we should be in the World Series and the NBA will start the regular season. That's all good.

There's also National Hockey League and Major League Soccer and the WNBA finals. I don't watch much of those sports, but I like to know they are out there.

Yes, I am a sports junkie! Now back to the Red Sox\Rays game! :)

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Kteach said...

and soccer. Basically the only sport I was raised with :)