Wednesday, October 30, 2013

#1034 my sports viewing dilemma

Tonight is the first night of the regular season for the Utah Jazz and they are playing my other favorite team, the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Tonight is also Game 6 of the World Series. The Boston Red Sox could win the Series tonight. The game is being played in Boston and if the Red Sox win in Boston, it will be the first time the Sox have closed out the Series in Boston since 1918. (The other times they have won the World Series, it has always been on the road.)

What should I watch? I love baseball and especially the close out game of the Series, but I also love the Jazz and the Thunder.

T made the decision. We are watching the Jazz game and flipping over to the baseball game during commercials. Now it's halftime at the basketball game, so I'll watch a good solid 10 minutes of baseball.

It's the top of the sixth inning and Boston is ahead 6-0. Go Sox! (I've never been a big Cardinals fan.)

At halftime, the Jazz are down by nine points, but they have played pretty well. There have been some good moments. It will probably be a long hard season for the young Jazz team, but as a fan, I will keep watching and cheering and hoping for good things.

Gotta go...I'm watching TV!

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