Wednesday, November 6, 2013

#1040 chores

Tonight was all business.

First I stopped by Walgreens to pick up our passport photos and some prescriptions. The photos - well, they are just fine for a passport pic, I guess.

Came home and made dinner. I had pulled some of the teriyaki chicken out of the freezer this morning, so all I had to do tonight was make some rice and grill the chicken. Quick, easy, tasty.

Then I chilled out for 30 minutes or so, watching "Survivor" and playing games on my beloved iPhone.

After that, kitchen clean-up time. MT has been great about cleaning up since he is home, but sometimes you just like to do it yourself. That's how I am, anyway.

When that was done, I had to gather up some paperwork for the mortgage lender. We are going to sell one of the rental properties so that we can buy another house. MT really wants to try his hand at house flipping. The property values in one of the neighborhoods has really gone up since we purchased the house, so we think we can make a pretty nice profit which will translate to a healthy down payment on a flipper house. Lenders need a lot of paperwork!

Tomorrow night my in-laws and aunt are coming over. MT's cousin (the aunt's grandson) is getting married and we are all going to the reception tomorrow. (The wedding is being held in the LDS Temple, so no wedding for us, just the reception.) Because we are having guests, I needed to tidy up. First stop was my bathroom. It's the main bathroom that T and I use. I scrubbed the toilet and the sink and the tub. My tub drains a little slowly, so I treated it with Liquid Plumr, too.

Next stop was the guest room. I changed the sheets on the bed and tidied up a little. Aunt Jennie will sleep in T's room. MT will change T's sheets tomorrow, so I got clean sheets out for that so he'll be ready to go.

Suddenly, it's nearly 10:00, my bedtime. Evenings go by so fast! Before I get in bed, I'm just going to run downstairs to pull the towels out of the dryer so I can get those folded and put away. I don't really like the way MT folds the towels and stuffs them in the closet.

Do you think I may be a little bit of a control freak?  :)

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