Wednesday, November 20, 2013

#1054 the Hawaiian folk music does its job

I had to spend some time tonight paying the bills. While I was doing so, I clicked on Songza (remember I told you about that app and website awhile back?) First I listened to the Today's Rap songlist. T is in the "office" with me and he could pretty much name all of the artists. Pretty impressive. I only knew a couple.

Now, as I'm winding down, I switched over to the Bedtime list and chose Hawaiian Folk from the options. It is doing its job. I'm yawning and feeling pretty relaxed.

The next two days are work are going to be crazy busy. I have meetings throughout the morning tomorrow. Friday, a non-work event will be the visit with the knee surgeon, then when I get back to the office, I get to learn all about taxes.

I know. I'm lucky. I know you're jealous.

Talk to you tomorrow!

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Kteach said...

Not too too jealous ;)