Wednesday, January 15, 2014

#1092 kitchen reno day 10

No new pics tonight. MT did work on the kitchen; he finished placing all the tile. I just didn't get a very good picture of it. Overall, it looks really nice. I totally love the back splash. Tomorrow he will grout it and that part of the project will be done.

About those cupboards...MT and I were going back and forth on it all night. We talked about it when I got home, we discussed it while we were out getting dinner, and we continued to chat about it while we were eating. I was looking at the kitchen the whole time I was eating dinner and I felt like the kitchen looked kind of dark. We have the black counters, the floor is dark blue tile and the glass tiles are blue and gray, so with the brown cupboards, it is dark, but it looks ok. T's opinion is to grout the tile and move the appliances back in and be done with it. MT says he will do whatever I want.

While we were eating dinner, the TV was on and we had it tuned to the show Property Brothers on HGTV (We love the Property Brothers.) Conveniently, they had just re-done a kitchen that had cupboards a lot like ours and they had painted them white and put pulls/handles on them. The cupboards in that kitchen looked great! The PB had also put dark counters in the renovated kitchen, so it really gave us an idea about what our kitchen would look like.  Even T said, "Oh, is that what ours would look like? Looks pretty good."

Paint those cupboards!!

Tonight MT and I had a night of good, old-fashioned TV watching. It was the first night of the new season of American Idol. I like the judges this year: Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick Jr. I wanted to watch for a few minutes just to see how they got on together. We ended up watching the whole two hours. Harry is funny! He's way more charming than Randy Jackson. I don't know what JLo like in real life, but on the show, she seems pretty great. And Keith Urban, well, he's awesome. In past seasons I have not enjoyed the open audition shows because they seem to show too much Ryan Seacrest and people who aren't that good. That was not the case tonight. They showed pretty good singers and not too much Seacrest. Good job AI!

After two hours of American Idol, we settled in for an episode of Scandal. We are on the third season. We are four or five episodes in; we've had to buy them from Amazon Prime, but we really do like that show. I think we have one more episode that we have to buy, then we can watch the rest On Demand. The show resumes in March, I think. We should be all caught up by then and we'll be able to watch as we go.

I know, we're pretty nerdy, but we're nice people :)

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