Tuesday, January 14, 2014

#1091 kitchen reno day 9

Saturday was day 6. We bought supplies and MT cleaned up the workspace, but didn't do any work on the project. We bought the glass tiles for the back-splash and paint for the cabinets. We also bought handles for the cupboards and drawers. I still count the day though because I'm interested in seeing how long it all takes.

Sunday was day 7. MT put up some of the glass tiles. I think he did it mostly just because he couldn't wait to see what it would look like! The answer? It looks great!!

The tiles are glass in shades of blue, gray and clear. They come in about a 2 ft by 2 ft square. MT puts some thinset goop on the wall then puts the square on the wall, patting it into place with a rubber trowel-type thing. When it's all done, he will grout the tiles with a light gray grout.

The tiles are exactly what I wanted! I was hoping for some blue to tie into the floor, and the gray works perfectly with the county.

I'm currently still up in the air about painting the cabinets. T thinks we should leave them as is. MT wants to paint them, but I think he will do whatever I decide. One minute I'm all about painting them white, then I look at it and think I might like to keep the wood.

Monday was day 8. He put up most of the tile you see here, then he had to go over to one of the rental properties and install a new water heater.

Today is day 9. He hung the tile all the way around to the window, then he removed the window sill that was in place and built a new one to match all the others on the ground floor of the house. He also painted it. It looks so nice!

tile to the window
new window frame
I really like how this looks!

The next step is finishing up the tiles. The back-splash will go in the small area under the window behind the sink there and then under the cabinet on the other side.

Guess I better decide about painting the cabinets, huh? His plan is to remove the doors and paint them with the paint sprayer out in the garage. Then he will tape off everything in the kitchen and bring the sprayer in to do the cabinets. MT says he thinks it will take a full day to tape everything off. We can't have paint on the new countertops, tile and floor! It's a lot of work. Is it worth it?

As you can see above, we did plug in our "science oven". (Science oven was what the microwave was called in the movie American Hustle. We have adopted the term.) We can heat things up, but there is still no home cooking. It's amazing that you can get tired of eating out! T told me that he wants me to make him an omelet this week. Sorry kid. We can go out for an omelet, but it might not be until Sunday that we have the stove hooked back up in it's proper place.

That's it for today. Sorry that I missed posting yesterday. I was feeling poorly - I've got an owie on my eye. Plus, MT was hogging the computer and for some reason I can't get my photos off the cloud on my Chromebook. So, no post. But I tried to make up for it today!

Check back in tomorrow to see the rest of the glass tile and to find out if those cupboards will be white.

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Kteach said...

I really like the tiles, looks really sharp. I think I would keep the wood since white gets dirty very eaily, but I guess is your choice, iether one would look good :)