Sunday, January 12, 2014

#1090 we watched the Golden Globes

We love movies and we love shows that give awards to movies. The Golden Globes is the first of the big awards shows that we watch. I like the Golden Globes because they combine TV with movies and the categories are interesting. I also like how the GG awards have separate categories for comedies and dramas, both in movies and TV.

Just for fun, I printed out a little ballot from that had 19 categories on it. T, MT and I all picked who/what we thought would win in the 19 categories. MT got five right answers, T got eight right and I got nine right.

Another fun thing about awards shows is seeing what the ladies are wearing. Some of the gowns are so breathtakingly gorgeous and some...not so much, in my opinion. I thought the most beautiful gown was worn by Cate Blanchett.

I think that she always looks amazing on the red carpet. Her performance in Blue Jasmine was dazzling, also. A worthy victor in her category.

T was thrilled for his BFF Leo DiCaprio. :) Leo won best actor in a comedy for Wolf of Wall Street.

Oscar nominations on Thursday!

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