Thursday, February 6, 2014

#1111 let the Games begin!

I'll be busy the next couple of weeks watching the Olympics. MT reminded me that this is the first Winter Olympics we've seen since 2002, the Games here in Salt Lake. In 2006, we were on our first cruise and I think we caught glimpses of some events on the TV in the lounge as we walked around the ship, but we didn't sit and watch. In 2010, we were on Palm Island. I don't mind telling you that I would rather be in either of those places than sitting on my couch right now, but it's all good.

What I don't care for in the Olympics is the subjectivity of the scoring in some of the competitions. I understand that there is not a way to judge ice skating or snowboarding objectively. I mean, the athlete gets points for doing certain maneuvers well and points off if something goes wrong, but it's not about who is faster or scores more goals. It's still pretty fun to watch.


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