Wednesday, March 26, 2014

#1146 pancakes for dinner

I made pancakes for dinner tonight. I like to have breakfast food at dinner-time, and I don't mind having non-traditional breakfast food in the morning. Sometimes I like a ham sandwich to break my fast or even a bean burrito. The protein really gets me going and lasts longer in my system than a bowl of cereal or a muffin. I don't really have time in the morning to make myself a real breakfast, so I usually grab a piece of toast as I'm running out the door. No wonder I am so hungry by mid-morning!

Anyway, back to pancakes. When I was a kid, I remember that my parents would sometimes make pancakes at dinner. I remember thinking it was a terrific thing. Sometimes we would even get chocolate chips in the pancakes. Treat!! I've weaned myself off the chocolate chip pancakes, but I admit that I indulge in that special reminder of childhood every now and again. :)

My original plan for dinner tonight was meatloaf. I found a recipe (on Pinterest, of course) that called for using Stove Top stuffing instead of the usual bread crumb binder. I'd made the recipe before, but did not soak the stuffing, so the meatloaf, although it had a good flavor, was a little on the crunchy side. I vowed to correct that issue this time around. However, instead of getting the meatloaf in the oven when I first got home, I did other things (exercise!) so I didn't get down to the kitchen until nearly 7PM and the meatloaf takes an hour to cook. That's why I went to plan B - the pancakes. T was glad. He really didn't like the crunchy meatloaf and he loves the pancakes.

Since I had the meat thawed out and since I was watching TV, I decided to go ahead and make the meatloaf. I think it turned out pretty well! I had a little tiny taste of it when I put it in one of my SnapWare containers to store in the fridge for dinner (or breakfast) tomorrow.

That's all for today!

PS Hello Sweden! Thanks for reading :)

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emtes said...

Of course we read here in Sweden :-)

Pancakes is also here a favorite. Especially when you have kids. It's kind of one of their favorite dishes. I also love crepes. I don't know if you have had them? There are different kinds. The dessert ones which is thinner and filled with good stuff like chocolate and so.
Then you have the dinner crepes which is often filled with mushromstew, shrimpstew or ham or something else and then gratinated in oven with cheese on top. If you haven't had that you must try. It's so good and more filling.
Have a good day. See you soon.
Puss och kram
Mia <3