Tuesday, March 25, 2014

#1145 buying software, dancing with books and missing Jimmy Fallon

Tonight after work, T and I went all around our side of the valley doing some shopping and other stuff.

First of all, he is all fired up to have a spreadsheet program so he can make a database of all of his movies. He is thinking of getting into a little video rental business, just with my friends and possibly his friends. The first step is creating a list of all the movies. Since spring break is coming up, make the list should keep him entertained for a day or two. His new computer didn't come with a spreadsheet program (weird, right? I looked, but couldn't find anything) so we decided to go ahead and buy the home/student version of Microsoft Office. I figure he will need Word and Excel and Power Point for school anyway, so what the heck? Well, the software is kind of expensive, but I went ahead and got it. Later in our journey, we went to Target and talked to the Target dude who recommended we try OpenOffice. He said he always used that free software from Oracle until he went to college and got Microsoft Office for free. I think we are going to try OpenOffice and if he likes it, we'll return the Microsoft programs. Have you guys ever heard of OpenOffice?

We also went to the library. We actually went to two libraries. The library is like a candy store to me. I want I want I want. At the first library, Hunter, I saw a book on the Reader's Choice table that I had marked down to read. I got it, even though I have a book here at home, also from the library, that I haven't even started. We went over to the other library, Magna, because T had some stuff on hold that was ready to be picked up. At Magna, I saw the newest Amy Tan novel just sitting in the New Arrivals section. I quickly grabbed it and did a little dance - kind of like the one Clara does in The Nutcracker when she receives the doll from her uncle. I held the book over my head and kind of skipped around the table. Yes, a couple of people looked my way, but then looked away just as quickly. Thankfully T had already disappeared into the book stacks and didn't witness the dancing. He would have been so embarrassed. Then I wandered over to the Reader's Choice table and found another book. Grabbed it too. No dancing, though. I have quite the pile of books to read. Better get on it. The only trouble is, what should I read first?

We ended the night at the grocery store because I needed some milk and MT needed some TUMS. Check and check. T was rushing around, walking really fast and I couldn't keep up with him at all. His legs are at least five inches longer than mine. He can cover a lot of ground. In his defense, he was trying to hurry us home so I could watch at least part of About a Boy. However, when we got home, MT was watching NCIS Los Angeles, so no TV for me. I started reading.

Now it's 10:30 and I have a dilemma: do I go to bed or do I go watch Jimmy Fallon? I've skipping my Fallon Fix and going to bed and trying to catch up on The Tonight Show whenever I can. I like sleep, but I miss watching Jimmy.

I'm pretty tired. I guess I'll go to bed. :(

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Kteach said...

Open Office has very good reviews in Cnet :)