Thursday, May 14, 2015

#1437 TBT graduation day

This is strange. I was going through photos to find something to put here for Throwback Thursday. One thing I noticed about my photos is that I have a boat-load of landscape photos. Who do I think I am? Ansel Adams in color? Sheesh.

I found a couple that I thought were fun and then I cam across this one:

That's ghostly-looking redhead is me. An unkind woman said to me many years ago that my skin was so pale that my eyes looked like "two piss holes in the snow." I never really understood what she was saying until I saw this photo. OY!

The goofy-looking (but cute) dude beside me is my husband MT, only he was my boyfriend at the time. It looks like he's thinking, "Aw yeah! I got me a sugar mama!"

This is on my graduation day from Idaho State University 27 years ago. 27 YEARS AGO!!

Now here's the weird part. On the back of the photo, the only date was May 1988. I didn't remember the precise date, so I looked at my diploma. My graduation date was May 14, 1988. Today is May 14, 2015. Isn't it wacky that I would choose this photo on the same day as my graduation without even knowing? I think it is.

Fun fact: MT's mom graduated with her MBA this same day. It was a big day for our families and we celebrated. That's all I really remember about it.

A quick follow-up to yesterday's post:

As I predicted, my knee did feel better today. It was terribly stiff and painful last night, but it loosened up today and I feel a lot better. Plus I took it easy on myself and took a nap when I got home from work instead of going for a walk or going to Zumba.

A little reply to Mia's comment on post #1433:

Elin Hilderbrand is American, but she may be of Swedish descent. She certainly has the looks that I think of as traditionally Swedish with the blond hair and blue eyes. She's from Pennsylvania. 

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