Friday, May 15, 2015

#1438 foodie Friday: chocolate chip cookies

Man, I love me some chocolate chip cookies. I'm actually kind of picky about my cookies (sometimes more than others). I don't really like most packaged chocolate chip cookies. I don't like the cookies to be crunchy. I prefer the cookies to be large, as opposed to the mini or bite size varieties. Homemade is my most favorite, but I will accept pre-packaged refrigerated dough.

Since my Lenten fast from sweets, I have been pretty picky about the sweets I do eat and I really try to limit myself to a sweet treat just once a week. There are exceptions, like the piece of Costco cake I enjoyed at a bridal shower at work this afternoon. There are not many opportunities to have cake from Costco and I think the cake is delicious, so I had a piece. I am proud to say I limited myself to one piece because I was tempted by the half of the cake that was left in the breakroom. (Fortunately, I was really busy so I didn't even have a chance to get back to the breakroom for a couple of bites. )

But back to the chocolate chip cookies...

I'm pretty much always on the hunt for the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe. Of course I've tried the Nestle Tollhouse cookie recipe from the chocolate chip package. It's good, but I really like my cookies to be a little puffier than what I've been able to accomplish with that recipe. Last year I found a nice recipe (on Pinterest, of course) that uses Bisquik pancake mix instead of flour. I like that recipe quite a lot and have made it often. T doesn't really like those cookies; MT is less discerning and he'll eat whatever I make.

During the Lenten period, I was all over Pinterest looking for a great cookie recipe. I found a couple and I have made one of them. I think what makes this cookie so fantastic is something that can be applied to any cookie with a butter base: you have to chill the dough. My main problem with the Tollhouse recipe is that the cookie just spreads across the baking sheet like it's melting. I think that is because it is melting. 

By mixing up the dough, then shaping it into pretty decent size dough-balls and chilling the dough-balls in the fridge, when the cookies bake, they don't spread and get thin. They spread a little and become perfect. Look.

An extra bonus: they taste terrific! Since they are pretty good sized, I bake about eight of them on the sheet. I know there are seven in the photo. I think I'd already eaten one.

I've made these cookies two weekends in a row and we gobbled them up. Well, last weekend, I mixed up the batch of dough which, as I said, will make 16 perfect sized cookies. I only baked eight of them; the other eight are stored in an air-tight container in the fridge so I can have a cookie taste-off tomorrow.

That's right! I found another recipe to try. It's from the same website, I figured if Averie hit a home run with the pudding cookies, the other recipe with cream cheese will be pretty phenomenal. I was planning to mix up the dough tonight, but I am lacking key ingredients like cream cheese and brown sugar. I went to the gym tonight (so I could taste cookies tomorrow!) and when I got home, I just wanted to shower and have some real food, so I'll hit the grocery store in the morning, mix up the dough, chill it, give blood, come home and bake those cookies off so we can see what we like the most.

I'll let you know how it goes :)

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