Friday, May 22, 2015

#1445 foodie Friday

With the exception of chocolate chip cookies, I haven't been much of a cook lately. It seems like we are so busy lately that we rarely eat dinner together anymore. I try to get to the gym at least a couple nights a week, so the boys fend for themselves those nights. My goal is to cook three or four times a week, but like I said, that hasn't happened much lately.

Let's review this week:

On Sunday MT and I went out for Mexican food for a late lunch. The meal was very filling, so I didn't feel like cooking dinner. I think we just snacked or had soup.

Monday: I went to a spinning class at the gym. MT and T ordered pizza. I don't remember what I ate when I got home from class. Maybe a bowl of cereal.

Tuesday: We went to the city council meeting where T received the mayor's award. Since we were celebrating T's accomplishment, he got to choose what we had for dinner. What did he choose? Panda Express, of course.

Wednesday: I cooked! I made spaghetti with mild Italian sausage, mushrooms and Trader Joe's tomato and basil marinara. Quite tasty.

Thursday: I went to a Zumba class at the gym. I don't know what the boys ate. I had Trader Joe's black bean taquitos. They are delicious and easy and fairly healthy (until I put shredded cheese all over them.)

Friday: I went to another Zumba class, but it was an early class. When I got home, MT had eaten the leftover pizza (or maybe it was T). I made some guacamole for MT and I to share and then I had some of those black bean taquitos.

Today I was hungry all day. I didn't eat too badly, but I just wanted to eat everything in sight. I think I've been doing pretty well at keeping my snacking under control, but some days are way difficult.

Still haven't had a soda :)

I'll probably cook a couple of times this weekend. It's a holiday weekend here in the U.S. It's Memorial Day and we don't have to work on Monday! Plus MT's birthday is Sunday, so I'll surely bake him a cake and probably cook him a steak, too. I've been having the urge to throw some boneless, skinless chicken breasts in the crock pot with a jar of green salsa from (yep) Trader Joe's. I would then shred the chicken and use it in salads or tacos or enchiladas. That might happen this weekend.

Wouldn't you know it? All this talk of food has made me want to go downstairs and raid the pantry. T came shopping with me this week and filled the cart with teenager junk food. Good thing it's about time for bed. I just need to put a load of laundry in before I can hit the hay. My underwear situation is in crisis mode. (Oh. Maybe too much information for you, but I am pretty desperate!)

Have a great weekend! Be safe!

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