Thursday, May 28, 2015

#1451 TBT Mesa Verde vacation with Jake and Linda

This photo was taken five years ago, in May 2010. MT, T and I went to Mesa Verde, Colorado with Jake and Linda over the Memorial Day weekend. This photo was actually taken in Moab at Arches National Park. We stopped in Moab for the night before going on to Mesa Verde. It was a fun trip; I have really good memories from it. I think everyone else had a good time, too.

We have traveled with Jake and Linda a few times. We went to Mexico together in 2007, and we've been to Yellowstone Park together at least twice, also. I enjoy traveling with them, and I am looking forward to going to Hawaii together in a couple of weeks!

I really love the lighting in the photo above. We were there around sunset and there were heavy gray clouds in the eastern sky and a bright sunset in the west. They are looking into the sun and I think the lighting is very flattering with the dark sky behind them and the bright sun shining on them. Just my thought on it. :)

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