Friday, May 29, 2015

#1452 foodie Friday: ode to Chipotle

A couple of days ago my mom wrote about guacamole and about how Chipotle posted their guacamole recipe on their website. Since I read Mom's post, I've been wanting to go to Chipotle. Today Kelsie, Nicole and I went there for lunch. YUM!

Chipotle is one of those restaurants where I always get the same thing: three barbacoa beef tacos on soft corn tortillas with hot sauce, a bit of cheese and some lettuce. I usually get the chips and guacamole too and I've trained myself to only eat half of the chips, but all of the guacamole :) I usually just eat one of the corn tortillas and I just eat the yummy taco stuff.  Maybe I should try something different there, but I really like those tacos.

Today's lunch was extra-great because today was the first day without rain in many, many days so we sat outside and enjoyed the warm late spring weather. It was glorious! Really, the only thing that would have made it better would have been to sip a Corona and then heading home instead of going back to the office. Instead I drank an Arnold Palmer (still no soda!) and did go back to the office where I actually had a productive afternoon.

One more thing, but not food-related...I really like a four-day work week.


I finished this book. Please check out the 2015 Reading List page.

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