Friday, September 11, 2015

#1518 almost time to go!

After all the waiting, it's almost time to go to Spain! Tomorrow I'll fly to LA to meet up with my "first" family, then Sunday morning my sister, my mom and I will be headed to Europe!

All day long I've been excited and anxious and nervous and happy and a little sad, too, if I'm honest. Sad because T will be going to the homecoming dance tomorrow night and I won't get to see him and his date in their dancing clothes. MT said he will send me a photo, though. T and I had a nice time together on Wednesday when we went out to buy him a new suit. He will wear it to the dance, and he also has some other uses for it this school year. He's taking a public speaking class and he's in the business club and he has said that he would like to attend all the dances this year. A dude needs a suit, right?

Today I went to see the knee surgeon, Dr. F, to get a steriod (cortisone) injection in my left knee. It has been hurting and since we'll be doing a lot of walking in the next couple of weeks, I'd like to be as comfortable as I can. The injection went well, but when the numbing spray wore off, my knee was quite tender. Although he used a fine gauge needle, it's still pretty good sized and the medicine that he injections is thick. I could feel it going into my knee. For extra fun, the doctor grabs hold of the knee cap and kind of skibbles it around so the medicine can really get in the joint. The knee cap area is really tender tonight.

I also had x-rays of both knees. The repaired right knee looks good, but the doctor is concerned that I may potentially have a cyst on my knee cap. WTF?? That sounds awful! I'll go see him again in six months and we'll look again at the area in question. I hope he's wrong and it's just a shadow from the bone spur. JEEZ! That sounds terrible, too.

Tonight I watched the Utah football game. The Utes played against the Utah State Aggies and the game was here in SLC. I thought the Utes would win, and they did, but not by the margin that I thought they would. USU played well. The Utah quarterback got hurt and missed most of the game. Thankfully the  back-up QB did a good job.

Lately I've been trying to get into Twitter. Follow me if you want. I'll try to tweet some stuff from Spain! My Twitter handle is @redredhothead  Easy, right? I seriously get so excited if someone "favorites" one of my tweets. I'm kind of pathetic like that. 

Anyway, take care of yourselves while I'm away. When I get back, I will have pic and stories and will have undoubtedly put on some LBs due to churro consumption. 


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