Thursday, November 12, 2015

#1543 throwback Thursday memory - Dirty Dancing

I don't have a photo to show for Throwback Thursday, but I thought I'd share a memory instead.

Right now I am watching one of my favorite all time movies, Dirty Dancing. I can watch it no matter where I come in to the show. Usually I don't like to come into a movie in the middle of it, but if a movie is super familiar and a favorite, anytime is the right time to get in.

Tonight I got into the show just as Penny finds out she's pregnant and Baby learns the mambo routine so she can take Penny's place at the Shelldrake.

Let't throwback to the mid-80s. I was living with MT in a little apartment in Pocatello on Lovejoy Street (yes, our first place together was on Lovejoy St. How cute is that?!) My sister came to visit and I had just got Dirty Dancing on DVD. Lizzie and I decided to watch it. We loved it so much we rewound it and watched it again. I think we might even have watched it a third time (and possibly a fourth) during the time she was here. It's just so wonderful!


Kteach said...

One of the very few movies I've watched more than once :)

emtes said...

I love it too!! I have watched it many times. I also watched Jennifer Grey on DWTS.
And I have seen the TV-show where they compete in dance at the place where the film was shot.
Hugs from Mia who still got a bad cold. I do hope you're feeling better.