Wednesday, November 11, 2015

#1542 rockin' out to 80's new wave

Earlier today I found out that The Cure will be coming to SLC in June. I'd heard they were planning a tour in 2016 and that SLC might be a stop, but it was confirmed today.

I really liked The Cure in mid to late 80s. I liked Depeche Mode more and Lizzie liked The Cure more, but we listened to both.

We even went to see The Cure at the fabulous Forum. I remember we waited a long time to get our tickets and our seats were about two rows from the top. I also remember that as we were waiting for the band to come on the stage, the front seats cleared out like the parting of the seas, leaving a person standing in the middle of all the seats. The person, I couldn't tell if it was male or female from way up high where I was sitting, had a big knife and proceeded to put the knife in their belly. Security rushed to the person as it fell down and he/she was taken away. That's all I remember of that show, to be honest. I mean yeah, the band played and it was fun, but that knife thing is what I remember the most.

This afternoon I fired up the I Heart Radio app on my phone and put in The Cure as my artist and I proceeded to get a good 90 minutes or so of vintage 80s new wave music. I loved it! I don't listen to that old stuff too often, but today it was just what I wanted to hear. I even jotted down some of the songs that I heard.

Of course there was The Cure. I heard Lovesong and Pictures of You. I like the older stuff and I got wiggly and happy when I heard Why Can't I Be You.

A host of 80s songs from John Hughes movies were played: Pretty in Pink from the Psychedelic Furs, If  You Leave by OMD, Don't You Forget About Me from Simple Minds.

Then there was The Smiths How Soon Is Now - I love the opening music of that song! I heard Rio from Duran Duran  - a regret of mine is never seeing them in concert - Lips Like Sugar from Echo and the Bunnymen and Under the Milky Way from The Church.

There were lots more that I heard and liked but these are the ones I especially remember hearing. The annoying thing is that I remembered every single word to every single song, but I can't remember what I did two days ago. What's up with that?

Good times!

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