Tuesday, November 24, 2015

#1555 things we eat during the holidays

This year we will be celebrating Thanksgiving with MT's side of the family in Idaho. Since we will be driving tomorrow, I decided to do my cooking tonight. I am taking a pecan pie, made with Trader Joe's pecan pie filling, and the sweet potato casserole that is from Ruth's Chris' recipe. We are also bringing the turkey, but Linda will cook it.

The pie is done and it looks great. I hope that I can wait until Thursday to try a slice! It's been about a year since I had pecan pie.

The sweet potatoes are in the oven. It's a super-sweet dish that could easily be put on the dessert table but is always part of the main meal. It's nice to have a bit of sweet to go with all the savory.

Both the pie and the sweet potatoes are foods we only eat at the holidays, so I'm looking forward to indulging in these things.

Now that I think about it, there aren't many other foods that we eat on Thanksgiving or Christmas that are relegated to the holidays. Oh! We usually only drink Bailey's Irish Cream during the holidays :) Also, fudge is usually made and eaten only during the holidays.

At my office, we get a tub of cheese from a vendor during the holidays.  The cheese arrived late last week. Kelsie and Nicole brought in crackers and we all dug in.  We love that tub of cheese!

On Thursday I'll take a look at the table and see if there is anything else that is a holidays-only kind of treat.

What are some foods that are your holiday traditions?

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