Friday, December 4, 2015

#1563 foodie Friday - chili verde

A couple of weeks ago at my office we had a chili cook-off. I didn't enter the competition; in fact, I didn't even sample any of the chili. I am not a huge chili lover unless I'm really in the mood for it and even them I'm quite picky. I like to make my own chili, then I know what is in it and I can make it just like I want it.

The guy who won the chili cook-off made a chili verde. It's funny, but I've never really thought of chili verde as chili. That's strange isn't it? I mean, chili is in the name of the dish. I've always thought chili verde as the smother on a burrito or an enchilada sauce. I've never tried to make chili verde; I've never even thought about it until I heard about Steve's winning chili verde.

I got on Pinterest and started looking for recipes. There are so many ways to make chili verde! Many of them call for tomatillos. I'm intimidated by tomatillos so I had to rule out all those recipes. Finally, I found this recipe that did not call for anything too exotic and I gave it a try.

The recipe calls for two enormous cans of of green chilies. At first I thought I must have written down the wrong, but I checked it and I had the ingredients right. I popped those chilies in my food processor and pureed them down to a beautiful consistency.

I cooked the pork tenderloin in the slow cooker in chicken broth along with onions and peppers. One thing that I will do next time I make the recipe is to drain off most of the cooking liquid. I poured the pureed green chilies and other ingredients into the slow cooker along with the cooking liquid. It was too liquid-y. The flavor was good, though. Not too spicy, but not bland either.

Overall, though, I liked the recipe quite a lot. It made about three meals. The first night we had it over rice. Another night we had really delicious tacos with guacamole. Pork and avocados = match made in food heaven. There was still plenty of chili verde left, so I have it up in my freezer. Maybe I'll do more tacos, or maybe I'll make smothered burritos. I haven't decided yet. When it's all gone, I'll try to make the recipe again with a modification or two.

Have a great weekend!

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