Saturday, December 12, 2015

#1567 sunset at HB

T and I are in Southern California visiting my parents and my sister. It was a crazy week at work and at home, so I'm glad to have a couple of days away to relax and get my mind right.

We are here to celebrate my mom's birthday a little early. The thing she said she wanted to do was to go see the sunset at the beach. We decided to go to Huntington Beach Pier. The surf was up, the wind was blowing and the sunset was spectacular.

I took this photo of Lizzie and my mom. I thought I was pretty clever to move around so that it looks like mom has a halo:

Of course you can't see their faces since there is backlight, so we decided to try a selfie.
I told you it was windy!

We admired the sunset,  oohed and ahhed at the big waves (while wondering where the surfers were) and did a bit of shopping at a cool shop on the pier. When the sun went down, the temperature immediately dropped and it got dark in a hurry, so we decided it was time to leave. 

At the bottom of the stairs next to Duke's, we noticed a bar/restaurant with a really great name:

Might have to check this place out for drinks and appetizers next time we're in town!

It was fun to hang out with Mom and Lizzie again!

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