Monday, December 14, 2015

#1568 simple pleasure Monday

I'm back in snowy Salt Lake City after a cool but sunny weekend in Southern California with my first family. It was really windy there today. The wind chimes hanging from Mom's pergola were clanging away, supplemented by the howl of the wind every now and then. It was sunny though and not exactly cold. My sister was wearing jeans and a t-shirt and had sandals on her feet.

It's quite different here in SLC. There's quite a bit of snow in our backyard - several inches. The DOT and cities are trying to clear all the roads and putting down what I can only imagine is a crap-load of brine solution so we can all get around safely. It's supposed to snow throughout the night and through most of tomorrow. It's winter-y out there! I was glad that MT picked us up from the airport. I hate to drive in the snow. I have asked him to give me a ride to and from work tomorrow.

Still, even with the weather, it is nice to be home. I'm looking forward to crawling into my nice bed. At my mom's house I slept on an air mattress. Usually I sleep on the couch and let T have the mattress, but I was selfish and pulled Mom-rank this time. The air mattress was plenty fine, but there's nothing like being in your own bed, is there? :)

Last night Lizzie and I were in the mood to watch Christmas movies as we are struggling to find the Christmas spirit. My folks don't have a dvd or blu-ray player hooked up to their TV (shocking, right?! haha), so we were looking for movies on TV.

We actually got to watch two Christmas movies and it was delightful. First we watched Santa Clause 2, which is my favorite of the Santa Clause movies. The faculty Christmas party scene is my absolute favorite. Everyone is so excited to get their classic toys! It makes me smile every time.

After that we got to see White Christmas, which I write about every year I'm sure. It's not Christmas to me without Wallace and Davis and the Haynes Sisters. I love that movie!

Between the movies, we were going to run out for a soda to get us through White Christmas since it started a little late. Well, we thought it started at 9PM, but our mom corrected us and told us it started at 8:30. ARGH! No time to run out for a beverage! Then a Christmas miracle happened: T volunteered to go to McDonalds to get our drinks. (Why McDonalds? Everyone knows they have the best soda/carbonation ratio ever.) The caffiene powered us through to the end of White Christmas - lots of commercials so it got over around 11 or so.

So many simple pleasures in this story: watching Christmas movies with my sister and sometimes my mom and dad, (they watched parts of both movies); drinking a tasty beverage that my son brought me without me even having to ask if he would go get them; the movies themselves.

Plus I had a really nice weekend with the family. I will have to tell you about going to Wayfarer's Chapel with Mom and Lizzie on Sunday. What a gorgeous place! I'm glad we had the full weekend together instead to getting there on Friday night and leaving on Sunday evening. I will do that from now on because it was a lot more relaxing and it was nice to have the extra time with all of them.


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